Hiawatha 6.8 on amd64

Yassen Damyanov
24 September 2008, 18:44
Hi everyone, especially Hiawatha users on amd64.

Just compiled Hiawatha on a 64-bit Athlon X2 Dual Core: builds fine, seems to work fine as well. Any other feedback for that platform, anybody?

(Thanks go to Hugo for the great piece of software!)
Yassen Damyanov
25 September 2008, 11:48

Anyone out there using Hiawatha on amd64 production servers??

Please, mercy me and drop me a short note!
Hugo Leisink
25 September 2008, 13:54
This forum is mainly used by people who experience some problems or have some questions. So, I don't think you will recieve any reply from other users...
Yassen Damyanov
25 September 2008, 21:55
Thanks, Hugo. I just don't feel confident enough so I try to get some feedback.

As I've already mentioned in another post, I am starting a small hosting center; some of the machines are 32bit, some are 64bit Debian Etch. I decided that Hiawatha will run the web services there.

I didn't find an amd64 Debian package at your site, so I've built one and so far it all works great. (BTW, what can we do to make the package available for other users?)

I still believe that we should make some effort to stir a passionate community around Hiawatha! I have some ideas. Let me know if you want to hear them.
Hugo Leisink
26 September 2008, 03:12
About compiling Hiawatha under Debian: you know you can do a 'make deb' to build a Debian package?

About your community ideas: I definitly want to hear them. So, fire it up!
Yassen Damyanov
27 September 2008, 17:22
Hugo, thanks for your reply.


1. Hiawatha Logo (we can organize a contest for a logo; free)

2. Dedicated site, based on redmine (
This will bring us:
(a) centralized place to communicate anything hiawatha-related (news, downloads, etc.)
(b) wiki: a great thing for a community to maintain a knowledge base with many contributors!
(c) subversion repository for the source (you will need that to facilitate development contributions)
(d) centralized bug tracking ... and much more!

3. When there's a logo and a dedicated site, "Powered by Hiawatha" banners that are supposed to link to the Hiawatha site. Everyone who runs Hiawatha can (at his will) add the small banner at bottom of his page(s).

I have probably more, but these three seem to be the most important. Let me know how all this sounds to you, thanks!
Hugo Leisink
1 October 2008, 01:05
1. A logo contest sounds like a nice idea. Nevertheless, I think you need a community first before starting a contest. But, let's see what comes out of it.

2. Why redmine? I personally don't like Ruby.
a. I already have a cenetralized place. You're looking at it.
b. The idea of a wiki is that everyone can post messages and make adjustments.... even spammers and other losers. I've had an open forum once, and it was not a good idea (this forum is self-made and has anti-spam features).
c. I'm not looking for other developers yet.
d. Bugs can be submitted via the forum. Since I only recieve very few bugreports, why do you think a separate bug tracking system will do any good?

Don't get me wrong. I really appriciate your efforts, but most of your idea's require users to take actions. The problem with that is that I need to have users in the first place. I need some ideas to promote Hiawatha, to let the world now Hiawatha exists and why it's a good alternative. The logo contest is a good idea, it encourages people to come back to this website. If you have more ideas like that one, please let me know.
Yassen Damyanov
1 October 2008, 10:10
Hugo, thanks for your reply.

> 2. Why redmine? I personally don't like Ruby.
Well, I am proposing the system, not the language it is written in. I've used to use trac as well; it does help managing the project. I guess you do not feel the need, but believe me, if you want hiawatha to be used (hundreds of thousands of users) then you will feel the need.

> a. I already have a centralized place. You're looking at it.
Correct. It is great and it does a wonderful job. However, I've meant "dedicated place" or "dedicated site" rather than a centralized one (put picked the wrong word, my apologies). (if free) would be a prefect choice. Something so important like a widespread web server deserves that. A visitor gets a different impression when he sees hiawatha being one of a number of projects, than if he sees a dedicated site especially for it.

> ... even spammers ...
Yeah, that's an issue, but there are ways to combat them in redmine and trac as well. This should not stop us, there are smart and efficient ways to keep them out, really.

> c. I'm not looking for other developers yet.
You decide, but I think that letting other people in (wisely!) can only do good to the project.

> ... Since I only recieve very few bugreports ...
Well, this is a great testimony for the code quality but more users means more issues. Not only bugs -- they can be feature requests, support request, etc. Redmine handles all that transparently, in a very convenient way.

Anyway, I don't want to argue. I am an old man and an IT veteran with decades in the industry and believe me, I know what I am talking about, but of course, you don't have to agree.

Also, I don't mean you doing all this. Rather, I think on providing all this (a redmine hosting, etc.) on one of the servers I am managing (depends also on other people, but I believe I can arrange that).

Let me know about it all,
Thanks for taking your tine for the discussion.
Hugo Leisink
2 October 2008, 13:41
Hi Yassen,

I've given your suggestions some more thought and I've decided to do something with some of them. At this moment I'm setting up a dedicated website (a hostname has been registered). I'm at work right know, so I don't have time to give more details. I'll give your those tonight. Talk to you soon.

Hugo Leisink
3 October 2008, 12:02
Yassen, can you please send an e-mail to hugo at leisink dot net. I'll reply with an URL of the dedicated Hiawatha website. I'd like to hear your comments.
Yassen Damyanov
23 January 2009, 14:32
Just for the record, Hiawatha compiled and run flawlessly on amd64 (Debian Etch); if anyone stumbles upon this thread searching for amd64 feedback, here it is: works no different than on i386!
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