how to reload httpd.conf instead of restart hiawatha

9 October 2008, 11:51
i meet a trouble, i will change the httpd.conf base on some config, but i don't want restart hiawatha to load the new file. do we have any way to resolve this issue? thanks!
Hugo Leisink
9 October 2008, 12:29
I'm sorry, Hiawatha needs to be restarted in order to read changes in the configuration file. Previous versions of Hiawatha had config reload functionality, but that gave me so much stability problems, I decided to remove it (version 4.0).

If you think about it, reloading configuration is quite tricky. What do you do with clients which are connected to the webserver at reload time. At that moment, they are 'using' parts of the loaded configuration. You just can't remove those from memory and replace them with a new one. That will definitly result in a server crash (segmentation errors).
10 October 2008, 09:29
ok, thanks!
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