PHP Fast-CGI configuration daemons not running

Phil Daintree
12 October 2008, 07:00
I have been trying to get fast-cgi working on puppy linux - which now comes out of the box with hiawatha from puppy 4.1 released in October 2008.

I have compiled php 5.2.6 with the configuration parameter --enable-fastcgi and I can run /usr/local/bin/php-cgi as the user nobody.

I have the following /etc/hiawatha/php-fcgi.conf

PidFile = /var/run/
Server= /usr/local/bin/php-cgi ;; nobody ; /etc/php.ini

when I run

#/usr/sbin/php-fcgi -c /etc/hiawatha/php-fcgi.conf

no error messages appear but running

#ps -ef |grep php

doesn't show me any php fcgi daemons running???

I have read and re-read the How-to ... is there some way to get feed-back/debug info on why php-fcgi is failing to start php fcgi daemons?
Phil Daintree
12 October 2008, 07:17
Well ... I recompiled php after a make clean and it all works as advertised now. Sorry I can't shed any light on what I messed up - perhaps I didn't run a make clean previously and php was compiled without enable-fastcgi

Hugo Leisink
12 October 2008, 20:24
I shall see what I can do to let php-fcgi tell you what went wrong in case of an error. Thanks for reporting this issue.
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