Logrotate config in Debian

Aditya Jain
8 January 2013, 15:02
Hello Hugo

I was noticing that the access log was blank.
After looking into logrotate.d/hiawatha I found that the logfiles that were created
were owned by www-data both as user and group.
I compiled the hiawatha package as per samuix's blog.
after changing to www-data to nobody , logging started .

Hiawatha version: 8.6
Operating System: Debian 6 Updated
Aditya Jain
8 January 2013, 15:08
I used 'nogroup' .
Above I mentioned 'nobody' as the group
Hugo Leisink
8 January 2013, 15:48
The next version will set the ServerId in the Debian package to www-data by default. This will fix your issue.
Aditya Jain
10 January 2013, 12:52
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