18 November 2008, 23:47
What exactly does the php-fcgi.conf file do? I commented its content and restarted Hiawatha and PHP is still working.
Hugo Leisink
19 November 2008, 10:01
php-fcgi.conf is the configuration file for php-fcgi, which comes with Hiawatha. php-fcgi can be used to start PHP as a FastCGI server. If you don't use PHP as a FastCGI daemon, you can igore it. For more information about PHP FastCGI, read this HOWTO section.
19 November 2008, 20:48
I'm using PHP as a FastCGI daemon, that's the strange part.
Hugo Leisink
19 November 2008, 23:24
If you change settings in php-fcgi.conf, you should restart php-fcgi, not Hiawatha. Read the php-fcgi manpage for more information.
20 November 2008, 21:53
Ok, I see. And by the way, you have done a great work with this piece of software.
Hugo Leisink
20 November 2008, 22:16
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