PHP pe-installed

18 January 2013, 06:34

Hiawatha version: 8.7
Operating System: puppy linux

Some of us over at the puppy forum seem to be having a great deal of trouble getting php to work on Hiawatha. personally, i get super-fast html, but can't get a working php to save my life. Maybe a pre-installed php could be included (and tested) with some line remarked out . That way IF you want php, all ou wouuld need to do is enter one of the files (hiawatha conf I would imagine) and un-comment the correct line to initiate the php application. This way, rather than having to end up running xampp, we could enjoy the magnificent server aleady provided in puppy. Just a thought...and request
Hugo Leisink
18 January 2013, 10:30
All there is to know to get (Fast)CGI / PHP running with Hiawatha can be found at the CGI and FastCGI HOWTO page.
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