Hiawatha ipv6 crash

Aditya Jain
25 January 2013, 13:40
Hello I am facing crash when using hiawatha with ipv6.
I have e-mailed you the config files and valgrind.txt

Please also check your spam as I sent the mail using the server's root account
and the mail might not get delivered in inbox.


Hiawatha version: 8.6, 8.7
Operating System: Debian6 fully updated running on VPS
Hugo Leisink
26 January 2013, 22:22
I haven't been able to find a possible cause, but I will look futher.
Aditya Jain
31 January 2013, 04:50
I have also enabled ssl on the ipv6 address.
Hugo Leisink
31 January 2013, 08:13
I have no idea what the cause might be. Please, try the following: in hiawatha.c at line 1876, change the value of number_of_bindings (= 0) to something higher. Try for example 20 and let me know if that works. This should not be a solution, it's just a test.
Aditya Jain
4 February 2013, 14:41
I tried that, but it did not help. The situation was even worse. It was not working even without ipv6 binding.
I recomplied with the '0' . I have collected some valgrind info and I am emailing it to you.
For now I have disabled ipv6
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