PHP client-side caching

Cristian Gilè
24 November 2008, 13:29
I need to control client-side caching using getallheaders to fetch the HTTP headers sent by a web browser. I think that this approach only works if you?re running PHP as an Apache web server module. Can i use this function with hiawatha ?


Hugo Leisink
25 November 2008, 10:07
Since getallheaders() is a Apache specific function, it doesn't work with Hiawatha.

Many HTTP headers are available via $_SERVER. Can you tell me what header lines you are missing? I'll add them in the next Hiawatha release.
Cristian Gilè
25 November 2008, 13:27
I see the "If-(Un)Modified-Since" header field in the hiawatha extra features but i don't see it in the $_SERVER array.


Hugo Leisink
27 November 2008, 14:48
The HTTP headers you mentioned will be added to the environment (and thus to $_SERVER) in Hiawatha 6.11.
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