New Ban feature?

3 February 2013, 18:35
Hiawatha version: Hiawatha 8.7
Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Is it possible to have a BanOnAccessList (or some other name)

and what this will do is ban a IP that has tried to connect to your domain.


BanOnAccessList = 3/36000 where 3 = amount of times the non allowed IP has tried to connect and the 36000 the amount of seconds that IP is banned for.

Just a thought. I know we have AccessList = Allow, Deny, PWD (which is very easy to use)

3 February 2013, 18:37
Re reading this kinda made it open for interpretation. What I meant is if there is a access list like so :

AccessList = allow, DENY ALL

and then an IP with trys to enter 3 times then they are banned for 36000 seconds (as per the example above)
Hugo Leisink
3 February 2013, 20:33
What's the point of banning a client while already denying it access via an AccessList? What's even the point of banning a client for connecting to a webserver?? Isn't that what a webserver is for?
3 February 2013, 20:48
Well its per user specific.

An example :

A user hosts a company intranet on Hiawatha and only allow a certain IP pool to connect. If any outside IP's hit the web server then they are denied access, if it continues they are banned.
Hugo Leisink
4 February 2013, 00:42
So, you deny them access. But when they do try to connect, you deny them access by banning them... This adds absolutely nothing to security.
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