Combining Access Controls

Phil Daintree
10 December 2008, 11:01
There is a good feature in Apache that allows you to use a combination of access controls - so that if a user is connecting from a known network say or then access is allowed without a password - if the connection is from elsewhere then the password is required. I have found this useful to add a layer of security that is not necessary for the LAN but appropriate for off-site connections.
I realise it is possible to have access restrictions for each of these situations individually but how to combine them so that "Satisfy any" or similar could work.
Hugo Leisink
10 December 2008, 12:00
Hiawatha offers the same kind of access control via the AccessList option. 'allow' always allows access, 'deny' always denies access and 'pwd' grants access when a valid password has been given. Look at the manual page for more information about this option.
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