Modify conf file with interface name not ip

30 March 2013, 18:40


Can't we give interface name to Interface option in conf file. Like Interface = eht0 not Interface =
Because I want to restrict the user to connect web site only with his eth0 ip address and eth0 adress can be changed any time.

Hiawatha version: 8.7
Operating System: Suse 10.1
Hugo Leisink
30 March 2013, 19:48
I've looked into this issue a long time ago, but couldn't find a proper solution that would work on multiple platforms. I don't know any other way to specify an interface than by its IP address, because that's how the kernel API's work.

What you can do if you have a dynamic IP address is write the new address to a file with the format "Interface = <IP address>" and use the Include statement in the Hiawatha configuration file to include that file in the main config. Of course, don't forget to restart the webserver upon IP address change.
30 March 2013, 20:40
Thank you for your quick reply. I will change the address with a script.
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