Install Hiawatha to Debian 4.0 with PHP 5.2.8.

7 January 2009, 01:15
How install
in Debian with PHP5.2.8
Please, write in detail how to install this webserver with PHP 5.2.8, on the fresh installed Debian 4.0 (minimal configuration)
Sorry i'm newby in linux. please write step by step inctruction.

P.S. Also, this instructions will be useful for Slackware, Ubuntu, Centos.
Hugo Leisink
7 January 2009, 11:09
Installing a .deb file can be done via the commandline tool dpkg:
dpkg -i hiawatha_6.11_i386.deb

This works for both Debian and Ubuntu (which is a Debian clone).

Installing on other OS's is done via the source tarball:
tar -xzf hiawatha-6.11.tar.gz
cd hiawatha-6.11
make install

Compiling from source requires several developer libraries to be installed. How this is done depends on what OS you are using. I'm not familiar with CentOS and Slackware (last time I used those is more then 5 years ago), so I can't help you with that. Use their support forums for help.
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