ReverseProxy cache

17 June 2013, 14:06
I am considering to use Hiawatha for a CDN setup.
At the moment the webroot of the sites are on the same disk so Hiawatha and Apache share the same webroot.

However in the future Apache will not be on the same server.
I would like to have the option Nginx also has:

proxy_cache and/or proxy_store.

When a file which is served via reverse proxy you have the ability to save it in the nginx cache or store it forever with proxy_store.

This would be ideal for me to make origin pull cdn.

Hiawatha version: 9.1
Operating System: Debian 6.0 32 bit
17 June 2013, 14:39
Maybe I'll try it first with a setup like this:

And instead of htaccess toolkit and a cgi handler (php or python).
18 June 2013, 13:40
Stil though a request.

Is it assumable that Hiawatha will get disk cache instead of memory cache, for the reverse proxy part, in the future?
Hugo Leisink
18 June 2013, 14:32
No, not very likely. Why?
18 June 2013, 14:41
It would make an excellent reverse proxy cache.

If you want to build your own origin pull cdn it is very handy.
I know Hiawatha can cache files with reverse proxy but is limited to 100MB memory and 1 minute lifetime.
That is not suitable if you run multiple sites for cdn.
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