Gzip (or other) Encoding (again)

Bruno Baketaric
4 July 2013, 10:28
Hi Hugo,

I'd like to see Encoding Support in Hiawatha. I've seen the old thread regarding this feature:

I think that ddoing an extra step of greating and uploading a Gzipp'ed (or Bzip'ed, or...) Version of a file, is quite unhandy - and for me one of the main reasons I didn't give Hiawatha a try in a production environment.

On the other hand, I understand that compressing a file "per Request" is a waste of CPU-Cycles. But there's a solution: IMHO lighttpd does this the right way. lighttpd doesn't compress "streams" from (FastCGI-)Backends like PHP - that's easy to do in PHP (zlib.output_compression, etc...), but:
In lighttpd you can set a Cache Directory for Compressed files. If a File is requested with any compression method supported by lighttpd, it checks for a PRE-compressed Version of that file in the configured cache directory (and also compares last-modified timestamp). If a compressed version is found lighttd serves that one, if not, it compresses the file ONCE and stores it in his cache directory.

Regarding performance, you just loose some I/O for checking file existance and comparing timestamps with lighttpd's approach (and these stat()-calls can also be cached, I think).

And of course you can configure, which file types should be compressed.

Wouldn't this also be an option for Hiawatha? I'd really like to see it...

Kind Regards

Hugo Leisink
8 July 2013, 19:41
I'll think about it. If Hiawatha was used by many people, it would be worth the effort. But since only a few people use it and my spare time has become very limited since my second son was born a few months ago, I'm not going to make any promise.
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