error binding

27 July 2013, 23:50

At windows 7 x64 startup it's not possible for me to automatically start hiawatha, I get "Error binding"
Port 443 doesn't have this issue, only 80 does.
30 sec after the startup it can bind fine, so the trick is to use the "statup delayed" option. This works.
The thing is that I would like to start Hiawatha right away.
I am looking for the cause of the error binding, there is no process listening to 80 from what I could see from netstat, even during startup.
My question is can Hiawatha give more information about why it could not bind? Is there an extended log ?
I already use the option LogFormat = extended

Hiawatha version: 9.2
Operating System: Windows7

Hugo Leisink
28 July 2013, 00:32
There is no extended log. Could it be some anti-virus issue?
28 July 2013, 07:23
Yes possibly, I am using Microsoft Security Essentials.
I googled a lot, it is common to have port 80 bound by some of the Windows services (IIS, web services, sql service) or by Skype.
But in my case I see no listening to port 80 right before I start Hiawatha and 30sec later the binding works. I am wondering what prevents Hiawatha for binding the port 80 at this time.
I will do some tests on other computers today in order to isolate the reason. I will post the solution here. Thanks Hugo.
28 July 2013, 14:18
Turning off and on again all the startup programs solved the issue, I guess it changed the order programs are run and Hiawatha can bind to 80.
Not very satisfactory as I couldn't identify the faulty process but it's a solution for now.

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