directory list

6 August 2013, 18:39

Getting directory listing used to work fine.
Now I am getting the following (I am just displaying part of the message below),
which direction should I investigate to sort it out?


This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<index><hostname></hostname><request_uri>/direct/</request_uri><files><file type="dir" timestamp="28 Jul 2013, 22:49:38" url_encoded="../">../</file><file type="file" timestamp="06 Aug 2013, 16:33:30" size="1 byte" extension="txt" url_encoded="............
><total_size>292 byte</total_size><software>Hiawatha v9.2</software></index>
Hugo Leisink
6 August 2013, 18:46
What does the error logfile say?
6 August 2013, 18:49
I think I found the issue, Hiawatha can't find the index.xslt file because I have my config files in a non standard directory
Can I define my config directory (like there is a field for WorkDirectory) or do I need to give the full path of the index.xslt file in ShowIndex?

Hugo Leisink
6 August 2013, 18:50
Full path will always work.
6 August 2013, 18:55
I am now using ShowIndex = c:\Portable\Hiawatha\config\index.xslt in my VirtualHost
but I still get the message /cygdrive/c/Program Files/Hiawatha/config/index.xslt|file not found
6 August 2013, 18:59
ok fixed now, i had several definitions of showindex. THANKS HUGO!!
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