Problem when downloading big files

Glenn Ross
27 January 2009, 14:35

first, cool webserver. I especially like how easy everything can be configured.

Of course I have a question.

I have a video file I want to download from my server, it's about 150 MB.
When I trigger the download, for a few seconds everything is alright, the download rate is at maximum. But very quickly the download rate drops and the download is aborted.

Why is this? And are there any settings to influence this behaviour?

Hugo Leisink
27 January 2009, 15:16
Hiawatha is capable of serving large files (several GB in size). Are you sure it's not a network problem? Have you tried downloading the same file via FTP or other file sharing methods?
Glenn Ross
27 January 2009, 15:47
I'm sure it's no network problem, because I tried lighttpd before and there have been no problems, normally I get around 800KB/s.
I started the download program with a download speed limit of 500KB/s and everything was ok. Since this is ok for me you can regard this post as solved. Although it seems strange. I only used one connection to download the file, so there shouldn't be any problems with too many connections.
Nothing interesting in the logfiles, too.
Hugo Leisink
31 January 2009, 01:21
I've done some testing myself. I was able to download a DVD image with 8 MB/s. All without any problem. You're sure it's not some sort of network problem?
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