Runtime memory

Vikramm Taneja
13 February 2009, 13:37

According to documents the memory size mentioned is 110 kb.
Please let me known the runtime memory used in this.

Vikramm Taneja
Hugo Leisink
13 February 2009, 14:25
The Hiawatha binary is about 120kb in size. This will also be the used memory size when executed. Of course, system libraries will be used, but they are 'shared' with other programs. So, it's hard to tell the exact amount of memory used by Hiawatha during runtime.

Hiawatha allocates memory to load the configuration file (how much depends on the size of your configuration file) and to cache requested files for extra speed. The internal file cache can be limited or disabled to reduce memory usage. Hiawatha uses threads instead of fork to handle multiple requests, so it doesn't use extra memory on multiple connections.

In other words (and in my opinion), Hiawatha is a extremly lightweight webserver.
Vikramm Taneja
16 February 2009, 08:41
Thanks for the help

Vikramm Taneja
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