Dependancy on some other component or not

Vikramm Taneja
13 February 2009, 13:47
Does this server further depend on some 2nd party / 3rd party components
If yes, which are these components?

Vikramm Taneja
Hugo Leisink
13 February 2009, 14:14
Hiawatha doesn't depend on external components, except for some libraries which are available on every modern operating system. Those libraries are: libssl, libxml, libxslt. If those libraries are not available, you can disable the features which require those libraries at compile time.
Vikramm Taneja
17 February 2009, 12:07
Thanks Hugo.

I can understand that it requires libssl for providing SSL support.

But why does it needs libxml and libxslt.

Hugo Leisink
17 February 2009, 12:19
Hiawatha supports XSL transformation (XML to HTML). For that, it needs libxml and libxslt. This support is optional. If you don't want this feature, you don't need libxml and libxslt of course.
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