ServerString not work in Reverse Proxy

Mustafa Ramadhan
20 January 2014, 13:00
Hiawatha version: 9.3.1
Operating System: Centos 6

ServerString work perfectly if only Hiawatha as webserver. But not work if hiawatha-proxy (hiawatha in front and apache in backend),

Server Header always show 'Server: Apache/2.2.26 (CentOS)' for hiawaha-proxy.
Hugo Leisink
21 January 2014, 15:09
That's the effect of using Hiawatha as a proxy. The result of a request is passed on as received, including the headers.
Mustafa Ramadhan
22 January 2014, 17:06
So, is it mean impossible appear as 'Server: Hiawatha' ?
Hugo Leisink
22 January 2014, 17:14
That depends on the webserver behind the proxy. But it can't be done by Hiawatha when acting as a reverse proxy.
Mustafa Ramadhan
23 January 2014, 12:21
Sadly, nginx work perfectly in this situation.
Hugo Leisink
23 January 2014, 13:08
There is no 'perfect' in this. It's just a matter of design. I've decided to not change the request response. The nginx developers apparently decided otherwise.

The reason why I decided not to change the server string (I actually decided not to change anything) in the response is because Hiawatha is not the webserver in this. It's nothing more than a proxy. Claiming via the response header that Hiawatha was the webserver is wrong.

Question: why is this an issue for you? No single use cares about the server string. No user will even ever see the content of the server string. My advice: let it rest.
Mustafa Ramadhan
24 January 2014, 04:59
Because I want 'Hiawatha-proxy' or 'Hiawatha+Apache' when someone choose 'hiawatha-proxy' in Kloxo-MR panel.
Hugo Leisink
24 January 2014, 08:11
You should fix that in the webserver (Apache). I'm not going through all the effort of caching and changing the header, only because of this irrelevant server string that no one looks at.
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