Per Vhost permissions

4 May 2014, 01:23
Hello Hugo,

Just wondering if it may in the future be possible to allow users to view on 1 VHOST, meaning give them permissions to see only statistics for their associated vhost, not all of the server statistics.

What do you think?

Hugo Leisink
4 May 2014, 10:18
For the next release of the Hiawatha Monitor, I already implemented access rights per webserver, but not per virtual host. The Monitor is not intended as a analytics (like Google Analytics or Piwik) replacement. It's for webserver administrators to keep an eye of the all round performance of the webserver.

Besides that, access rights per virtual host is not something you should want. It requires a lot (!!) of administration. I monitor 5 webservers, but with that already have more than hundred websites. No way I'm gonna specify access rights for each and every virtual host.
6 May 2014, 00:53

we are managing a reverse proxy for the clients and they are eager to see statistics for their websites...
Hugo Leisink
6 May 2014, 00:55
Then you better set up a Piwik [] installation and give them an account.
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