Password Protection

Raj Kishore
23 February 2009, 12:03
I have created a password file name passwords and placed it under www directory.
Its contents are

I have also included its entry in the Virtual Hosts list

VirtualHost {
Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = /usr/local/var/www/hiawatha
PasswordFile = basic:/usr/local/var/www/passwords
LoginMessage = Test
Now i need to test this.
Should i create a basic html page with username and password field and a submit button.
Please guide me if i have made some mistake.
Hugo Leisink
23 February 2009, 14:30
You have configured Hiawatha to do HTTP authentication. HTTP authentication is completely handled by the webserver. You don't have to create a login page yourself. Just point your web browser to the right URL and if you've configured the webserver correctly, you should see a login prompt which is created by your browser. If you enter the right password, you will see your webpage. If you enter a wrong password, you'll see the login prompt again. If you press escape, you'll see a 401 Unauthorized message.
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