ESP support

3 June 2014, 12:40

is it possible to add ESP support?

Hiawatha version: 9.6
Operating System: Linux
Hugo Leisink
3 June 2014, 12:56
Can you tell me what is required to support ESP?
3 June 2014, 21:08
As I understanding, in order to support ESP need to integrate ESP code interpreter (can be used existing open source code) and need to add an ability to register user callback functions. For example ESP is supported by:
Hugo Leisink
3 June 2014, 21:14
Sorry, but 'integrate ESP code interpreter' and 'register user callback functions' sounds too vague. This could mean anything. Yes, I understand the link you provided contains all the required information, but I have no time to read it all. Writing Hiawatha takes already too much of my free time. Because this ESP is not standard web technology, you have to be more concrete.
Hugo Leisink
3 June 2014, 21:25
Took a second quick look at this ESP thing. Looks to me ESP has it's own webserver, so there there is no need for Hiawatha. If you want to use Hiawatha, you can use its reverse proxy functionality to make it connect to ESP.
7 June 2014, 01:33
ESP can help mostly for embedded devices.
On embedded devices it is not possible to have 2 web servers and use reverse proxy to redirect requests to ESP.
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