Cache Settings

24 February 2009, 13:39

I want to test the cache settings. Can you please tell me if it will be declared as a global parameter in the httpd.conf file and how will i judge the impact of altering the values of cache size as described in the manual.

Thanks in advance !!!
Hugo Leisink
24 February 2009, 16:37
All cache settings are global settings (not to be placed inside VirtualHost{} etc). The bigger the cache, the more memory Hiawatha uses. But a bigger cache can improve speed. It all depends on your machine and the kind of websites you have. If your website has, for example, lots of small pictures, the cache can speedup the website. If your websites has mainly large files for download, cache won't help much. If you have a relatively slow HD, cache will definitely help. If you have a SSD disk, you probably won't see any speed increase. So, how to use Hiawatha's internal cache depends on your website, your machine and how it's used. You have to find out yourself, what settings are best for your situation.
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