Adding a conf.d directory

8 September 2014, 18:08
i have played arround with Hiawatha for some days now and i am very happy with it. But there is one thing i am currently missing (or not finding). As far as i understand it currently all vhosts have to be configured in the main config file. This is okay for something like 5 vhosts, but if you have 200 vhosts that file gets hard to manage.

I prefer to have every vhost in a single file so i can edit/delete/... them very quickly. For that it would be great to have a conf.d directory in /etc/hiawatha/. Or even better a /etc/hiawatha/conf.d and /etc/hiawatha/vhosts.d/ directory.

This would make my life much easier, because most of my vhosts are generated from a database and placing that into a single file is easiert than appending always to the main config file.

Thanks and greetings
Hugo Leisink
8 September 2014, 18:11
For that, Hiawatha has the 'Include' statement. From the manpage:
Include <filename>|<directory>
Include another configurationfile or configurationfiles in a directory.
Example: Include /etc/hiawatha/hosts.conf
8 September 2014, 18:17
Oh, i am very sorry. I missed that completly
Thanks very much!
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