Owncloud 7 and Hiawatha 9.8

28 September 2014, 21:04

Did someone succeed in setting up this config? Or is it a mission impossible and unfortunately Apache the better choice when running Owncloud?


Hiawatha version: Hiawatha 9.8
Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 Server
Hugo Leisink
28 September 2014, 21:15
ownCloud... I like the idea of ownCloud, but i'm not a big fan of what it has become. It's indeed pretty much Apache only. It's and Apache application, not a web application.

I moved to gpFinder [] a long time ago. It's easy and simple and it works well.
Hugo Leisink
28 September 2014, 21:38
Btw, just for the fun of it, I gave ownCloud 7 a go. So far so good, everything seems to work.
VirtualHost {
UseToolkit = owncloud
EnablePathInfo = yes
WebDAVapp = yes
AllowDotFiles = yes


UrlToolkit {
ToolkitID = owncloud
Match ^/data DenyAccess
28 September 2014, 21:51
Thanks Hugo, I'll give both a try tomorrow!
29 September 2014, 09:12
Great Hugo, thanks, this seems to work as it should (Hiawatha and Owncloud v7)!
Please have some more fun when people need help ;-)
29 September 2014, 14:14
Guess you already knew this one was coming, but I'm not able to connect via webdav:
Network trace after disabling ssl/https:
<d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="">
<s:message>No basic authentication headers were found</s:message>

Is this related to a previous item [] I found when you where talking about non compliance to standards?
Hugo Leisink
29 September 2014, 21:13
What you can try is to add the following line to set_environment() in src/envir.c:
http_header_to_environment(session, fcgi_buffer, "Authorization:", "HTTP_AUTHORIZATION");
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