basic and digest authentication

29 March 2009, 07:50
When we use basic and digest authentication for a virtual host a pop up windows comes which ask for username and password can we link that with our known designed login page so that instead of writing username and password on pop up window we should enter that at login page and it should authenticate us for correct username and password.

Hugo Leisink
29 March 2009, 12:30
The pop-up authentication window is a browser thing, not a webserver thing. So, it's not something I can change via Hiawatha. Of course, you can make a username/password form inside the webpage. But you have to make it yourself (since it is part of the webpage/website).
30 March 2009, 11:04
Browser is sending a request and as it is restricted from webserver not to show anything without authentication, what my question is whether we can use our page to provide Http based authentication(even if we create it seperately). In nutshell I want a way where I can use Login page without authentication and all other pages to be followed in that session has to be authenticated with Http based authentication.
Hugo Leisink
30 March 2009, 11:26
HTTP authentication can be done per directory. What you can do is make the webroot directory of your website accessible for everyone (no password protection) and put the rest of your webpages (which require HTTP authentication) in a subdirectory. Use a Directory configuration block for that subdirectory or a .hiawatha file inside that subdirectory to configure the HTTP authentication. See the HOWTO and F.A.Q. for more information about configuring HTTP authentication.
Hugo Leisink
30 March 2009, 14:59
I've been thinking about your question. What you also can do is trigger the HTTP authentication pop-up from within your website. A browser will show a login popup when a webserver sends a 401. You have to handle the login information in the following request yourself. How this is done can be found in this RFC [].
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