hiawatha cygwin

31 October 2014, 02:49
Well, I have a curiosity (because it is mostly resolved now) regarding Hiawatha webserver in Cygwin. I have an strace output at http://

The situation is now where Hiawatha virtual web server directories are located within cygwin; so /var/www/ or /srv/www/ or /home/www etc etc.
The linked strace shows an issue where Hiawatha has a virtual server located on the C drive; ie: /cygwin/c/Users/morris/www where it attempts to resolve instead c:\Users\deko\www but there's a bit of an issue there and the cause is difficult for me to pin point.

Search for the string "# around here"

Would you say this path issue is caused by cygwin or something hiawatha is doing?

Some other search strings that might help:


My guess is this is a cygwin issue but I'm not entirely sure. Could you confirm?
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