Banshee - forbidden

6 November 2014, 16:13
I managed to install Hiawatha (welcome message appears).

Banshee is installed in a suitable location, but I am welcomed by a 403 forbidden messages.
I tried changing permissions from www-data:www-data to 1001:users or root:root, but nu success

In /etc/hiawatha/hiawatha.conf:
default website:
WebSiteRoot = /var/www/hiawatha/public
StartFile = index.php

Not using virtual hosts.

Hiawatha version: 9.8
Banshee: 4.2
Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04
Hugo Leisink
6 November 2014, 16:46
What does the error logfile say? Perhaps the 403 is because CGI execution is not allowed.
6 November 2014, 17:32
Indeed it does.
Hugo Leisink
6 November 2014, 19:09
Read this HOWTO to configure (Fast)CGI.
6 November 2014, 19:19
Great, thanks, just adding ExecuteCGI = yes was enough
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