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10 April 2009, 22:57

We are evaluating Hiawatha for our application. We are planning to give a presentation to our senior management for this webserver.

Is it possible for you to give some existing industry users for Hiawatha. It will help us in convincing our management. Also if you can give us some links where such details are given, that will help us a lot.

Can you please share this information.

Hugo Leisink
11 April 2009, 11:06
I have about 80 visitors and 20 downloads per day. I have no idea where Hiawatha is installed, but my guess is that most of those downloads are for personal use. Industries all use Apache and IIS, because that's what everybody uses.

The only real industrie usage I know of is my father's company. He uses it for the 3M Visual Service website ( The website is about 5 years old and never had any problem. The only downtime it has is because of hardware maintenance (which is once a year). It has several hundreds of users all over the world. I think that's a nice proof of Hiawatha being ready for production usage.
14 April 2009, 08:47
Thanks Hugo.
Though we will be doing our own testing, do you have some benchmarking results for Hiawatha e.g number of requests it can handle per second, performance in comparicion to other servers or any other bechmarking testing results.

Hugo Leisink
14 April 2009, 11:01
Of course I've done some testing myself, and my results are: same speed as Apache for normal CGI, same speed for PHP as Apache (mod_php for Apache and FastCGI for Hiawatha) and twice as fast as Apache for static content.

I'm really interested in your test result. When you're done testing, can you please share them with me?
17 April 2009, 13:25
Hi Hugo

We will be doing regression testing once we are done with evaluation phase.

Is it possible for you, to share your testbed i.e when you have tested what was the load condition on server, number of requests per second, concurrent number of sessions.

Hugo Leisink
20 April 2009, 14:23
I used the ab tool which comes with Apache. I don't remeber all the details, but I tested several situations. Normal files, CGI, FastCGI, one client, multiple clients. The results where as described in my previous post.

If you have a 'heavy' website, you should know that Hiawatha supports load balanced FastCGI. If your website is becoming slow because of heavy CGI runs, just add a FastCGI application server and you're done. Hiawatha does the rest.
Yassen Damyanov
2 May 2009, 23:25
Guys, I am sorry for the late post, but I use Hiawatha since its 6.8 version for production sites like:

Typically, these are PHP5 sites running under FCGI. I also run a lot of Redmine instances via Hiawatha (Redmine is a Ruby-on-Rails app) and it all runs great once one manages to set all things up. I like Hiawatha for: (1) the small resource demands, (2) its security emphases; (3) its speed. I am more than happy, indeed.

Hope this helps a bit.
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