25 April 2009, 10:37

I have my webservers (not yet Hiawatha) behind a LoadBalancer so in the logfiles of the webserver I can only find the IP of my loadbalancer. In my current webserver I can change it to the real IP.

Is there a way to have the real IP from the Header be display in the logfiles in Hiawatha also? I couldnt find any hint in the man-pages.

Thanks for info.
Hugo Leisink
25 April 2009, 11:06
If the real IP address of the client can be seen depends on the load balancer. It should somehow add the real IP address to the request. The only place I can think of where it can be added is the HTTP header (likely a HTTP header that starts with X-). If that's indeed the case, then it will appear in Hiawatha's logfile, because Hiawatha logs the entire HTTP header (only exception is HTTP Authentication header lines).

Can you tell me how the real IP address is added to the request by the load balancer?
Hugo Leisink
25 April 2009, 11:56
Do you know that Hiawatha has FastCGI loadbalancing abilities? If the CGI applictions are the heaviest part of your website, you can let Hiawatha do the load balancing. For static content (HTML files, images, etc), Hiawatha is twice as fast as Apache, so maybe that's enough for your website. For more information about this, see the FastCGI section in the HOWTO page.
25 April 2009, 18:18
Hi Hugo, thanks for your reply.

I am loadbalancing between webservers (physical machines).
Currently the loadbalancer adds the IP in the X-Header as u mentioned. Currently Im using lighttpd but am thinking of a switch to nginx or hiawatha, as lighttpd development has become very slow recently.

You have any performance tests done vs nginx?

Thanks for your help! Keep up developing on Hiawatha!!!
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