What happens with active connections during restart?

26 April 2009, 19:12

Im thinking to start working on a webinterface for Hiawatha. Therefor I want to know what happens to alive connections if I restart Hiawatha. Are they cancelled? Or do they stay alive with the old configuration?

Is there some kind of "graceful" restart or a way to just reload the configuration?

Thanks and best regards,
Hugo Leisink
26 April 2009, 20:06
When Hiawatha gets restarted, alive connections are closed. Hiawatha used to have a configuration reload feature, but I removed it because it caused too much trouble with they stability. So, there is no reload feature. Only restart.
26 April 2009, 22:20
What about a second process which will use the new configuration and the old one will die as soon as all connections are gone?

You have a counter about current connections or have an idea how to implement it?

Thanks for your fast reply.
Hugo Leisink
26 April 2009, 23:48
Won't work. Because both processes will have to bind to the same IP and port.
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