hiawatha monitor not automatic update

13 February 2015, 09:41

The cron work fine but no update in statistic at hiawatha monitor dashboard

when i try to test crontab by execute it

Output from command /usr/home/test/public_html/monitor/database/fetch_webserver_logs ..
/usr/home/test/public_html/monitor/database/fetch_webserver_logs: not found

It's work when i manual update ( login as root )

Hiawatha version: v9.11
Operating System: FreeBSD
Hugo Leisink
13 February 2015, 09:48
That script assumes that php is in /usr/bin. My guess is that in FreeBSD it's /usr/local/bin. Change that in the first line of the script.
13 February 2015, 09:54
Output from command /usr/home/myone/public_html/hmonitor/database/fetch_webserver_logs ..

No output generated

it's work so basicly i need to change old file to /usr/local/bin .
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