Nice April Fools prank!

Erik S
1 April 2015, 14:28

Nice April Fools prank! Totally got me......Also after many many attempts to port Gallery 3 (which has gone into hibernation after 14 years and which is very Apache) to run under Hiawatha finally happened and it works! It was like finding the Holy Grail to get this to run in Hiawatha because it is written specifically for Apache. For some reason EnablePathInfo = yes suddenly made it work. Gallery 3 is built on the Kohana framework and works without the URLToolkit. So both ZoneMinder and Gallery 3 running on Hiawatha and fastcgi has proven Hiawatha can be a complete replacement for Apache in my World.

Hiawatha version: 9.12
Operating System: Puppy Linux Tahr 6.0.2 CE non-PAE
Hugo Leisink
1 April 2015, 16:24
Nice one! Glad to hear Hiawatha works fine for you.
Chris P
2 April 2015, 00:58
Caught me too - I nearlyhad a heart attack. At my advanced age that would not be good.
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