Include infos into config via shell command

5 May 2009, 18:03

In lighttpd there is a way to include configuration files via "cat".

Would look sth like

include_shell "cat /etc/mime.types"

I would enjoy sth like that possible also. Or is it and I just cant find?
Hugo Leisink
5 May 2009, 18:16
Use the Include configuration option (as described in the manual page):
Include <filename>|<directory>

If you specify a directory, all the files and subdirectories in that directory are included.
5 May 2009, 20:23
Ok, but I cant execute a script which would give me back configurationoptions dynamically, lets say by querying a database.
Hugo Leisink
5 May 2009, 23:40
Nope, that's not possible. Sorry.
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