Where's the Wiki?

Yassen Damyanov
12 May 2009, 15:21
Hi Hugo,

It was a long time since. Hope you are doing fine!

I had to migrate some of my servers to new hardware, including a new reinstall of Redmine under Hiawatha... but my own notes on doing that cannot be accessed -- the wiki returns 403

Also, the link to the Wiki does not appear on the home page anymore. I do hope you haven't decided to remove it permanently... Please let me know.

Hugo Leisink
12 May 2009, 16:30
Hi Yassen,

I had a little 'accident' on my server. I deleted the Hiawatha website by mistake. Since I had only about 2 visitors per month on the wiki, I decided to keep it offline. My plan is to extend the HOWTO page. The URL rewrite wiki pages and your redmine howto will be added to the HOWTO page. My plan is to do that before the end of this week. Can you send me the latest version of your redmine howto?
Yassen Damyanov
12 May 2009, 18:21
The bad thing is -- I don't think I have it; I actually referred to the hiawatha wiki when in need of it

I will look for some sort of draft but meanwhile, if you have the source of that page (any version will do), I would really appreciate getting it back ...

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