Arch Linux Package

13 February 2007, 21:46

I have uploaded all necessary files to the ArchLinux User-Community Repository (AUR). So Arch Linux users can easily download, compile and install Hiawatha.

13 February 2007, 22:19
As I know "maintain" this package for Arch Linux, I try to be as up to date as possible. Is there a newsletter which informs about the releases?

Hugo Leisink
13 February 2007, 22:48
Thanks a lot for including Hiawatha in ArchLinux. If you want to be informed about new Hiawatha releases, send me an e-mail at hugo at leisink dot net.

Questions about Hiawatha? Just let me know. I'm also really interessted in some feedback, so I can make it better.
Hugo Leisink
13 February 2007, 23:03
I saw the text "Be careful! The above files may contain malicious code that can damage your system." on a Hiawatha ArchLinux page. Why is this on the Hiawatha page, and not on pages of other software packages?
14 February 2007, 15:11
The AUR allows every user to upload their build scripts etc. and as the developers of Arch Linux cannot check all scripts (not the software itself) for errors or "malicious code", all packages are flagged unsafe.

There are Trusted Users (TUs) who can, after they checked the scripts, flag the package safe.

On the AUR main page following numbers are presented:

Packages in unsupported 3846
Packages in unsupported and flagged as safe: 1388

So approximately 2/3 of the packages are flagged unsafe - no thing to worry about. I'll ask in the forums if a TU can have a look over the scripts and flag it safe.

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