When is the FreeBSD-Port updated?

17 May 2009, 19:51

The FreeBSD port is still 6.11. When is it going to be updated to 6.13? We have quite a few servers waiting for update.

Thanks a lot,
Hugo Leisink
18 May 2009, 22:46
Oh, I didn't knew the FreeBSD port was actually being used. I never got any response on that one. I'll update it soon!

I was wondering, how is Hiawatha doing on FreeBSD?
19 May 2009, 01:53
Very fine. Even it was quite difficult for me to get through the configuration (feels a little more complicated than lighttpd), but we use several instances on our servers for intranet applications and development.

We have around 16 servers running FreeBSD with at least one Hiawatha jail.

Please always keep the port updated
Hugo Leisink
19 May 2009, 02:36
I tried to make Hiawatha easy to configure (I believe Apache and Lighttpd are complicated). Of course I think Hiawatha is easier, but that's because I made it. I can really needs some feedback about it to improve Hiawatha. So, please tell me what you find difficult about the configuration.

From now on I will keep the FreeBSD port updated.
19 May 2009, 10:44
"Complicated" is maybe not the right word, mainly its "different". We have been using lighttpd for quite long time and had a few scripts to automate things (create new vHosts etc). In Hiawatha things are different.

Anyway, I guess we will create new scripts soon to have a similar toolkit for Hiawatha also. I will discuss with my colleagues if we can contribute them to your project.

Dont misunderstand me about the "Complicated", we really love Hiawatha. Its fast, reliable and lightweight. And we really appreciate that development is active (not like lighttpd whose 1.5.x might never be stable).

Thanks for watching the FreeBSD port.

Best regards and thanks a lot for your work!!
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