Key Value Store Configuration

J. Lambrecht
19 August 2015, 09:29
Because of the topic on Hiawatha with a database backend.

The solution would not seem to use SQL rather than No-SQL. Here referring to the latter having the distributed model built-in.

There are amazing products out there of which the wiki page on the topic provides a good cross section. Given the many internetworked features built into these products they would also adhere to the Hiawatha philosophy of not extending the webserver functionality beyond it's goal.

One particular product i have in mind, as an example, is CEPH. Which not only can act as a key-value store but can also export these "records" as a file on a filesystem and vice-versa, once again in a distributed model. Oh yeah.
Hugo Leisink
19 August 2015, 10:49
Hi Joris, thanks for your message. The thing is that I've already decided to no go through with the plans to have an SQL backend for Hiawatha. The configuration will stay as it is (a file). Reason for this is that it adds a lot of complexity, while solutions like Salt or Puppet already allow to maintain multiple Hiawatha configurations.

The thing I'm now focussing on right now is to allow configuration changes without restarting the webserver. But since this is even more complex, I'm still thinking about a proper solution.
J. Lambrecht
20 August 2015, 20:33
Hi Hugo. I understand. After all, H-W is open-source and someone will most likely fork it if such would be required. Thank you for taking the time to consider reloading the configuration while running. This is not a small feat indeed, if i remember well this made the Apache project sweat for a while.

In the end i answered my own question of a sort. Since a RADOS device would permit to distribute a config file. etc.

Just for the sake of argument. Forgive me if I underestimate your literacy on the topic.

Please take note, this not about SQL at all. Mongo is an in-memory key-value store. Elasticsearch is similar. Bothare vastly different to the linear SQL world. This is a whole new world. A world of document stores, distributed data, key-value stores, graphs etc.

Admittedly, the advantage may be of limited use to a website. The performance of H-W keeps on amazing me. Today i hammered it with Siege. Despite running a modest VPS response times were really really good.
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