fetch_webserver_logs error

30 March 2016, 18:51
I get an error since I updated my host system to Ubuntu 16.04 when I run 'fetch_webserver_logs'

PHP Fatal error:  'continue' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in /path/to/monitor/database/fetch_webserver_logs on line 139

Probably some module I forgot to install but which one? I cannot figure out from the error message.
Thanks in advance!
Hugo Leisink
30 March 2016, 23:38
That line should indeed read 'return', not 'continue'. But it has been fixed in v1.4, while you are apparently still running v1.3.
31 March 2016, 12:26
Oke that fixed it. Thanks.
I was not having that error on my previous server so seems a little strange to me. Maybe
But issue resolved!
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