Initial configuration for monitor

4 April 2016, 01:42

I've installed hiawatha and hiawatha-monitor on the same server.
I'm using Gentoo Linux.

Hiawatha seems to be working fine - I have reverse proxy setup for a few websites and no problem with those.
However, I am trying to setup the monitor, and I can't seem to get it right.

I am opening the website in the browser:

and I see this:

» Be aware! Your connection is not secured by SSL/TLS.
Monitor setup
Enter your database settings in settings/website.conf and refresh this page.

... and Refresh button below

If I open:
I see same thing.

Now, if I open the file:

I see the following:
# Database settings
DB_HOSTNAME = localhost
DB_DATABASE = monitor
DB_USERNAME = monitor
DB_PASSWORD = monitor

I have mysql installed on the same machine.
I created the user "monitor" manually with password "monitor", refreshed the page, but the error still stays there.

What am I doing wrong?
I would really appreciate your help.

thank you,
4 April 2016, 14:22
Hi Hugo, did you have a chance to view my question?
I feel there must be something trivial I am missing, but can't figure out what it is...

thanks a lot,
5 April 2016, 04:06
Help, please ???
Hugo Leisink
5 April 2016, 17:30
The Monitor website needs to be accessed via HTTPS, not HTTP. Otherwise, passwords will be send in plain text.

Also, change the password. Using default passwords is NEVER a good idea.
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