Add Auto Blocking attacker ip after certain no of attack count

Akash Talole
22 April 2016, 14:20
Hi Hugo, hiawatha is going great for me. I wanna block attacker ip after certain attack count limit. How it is possible in hiawatha? If any clue pls suggest me or implement at your side.
Hugo Leisink
22 April 2016, 14:25
What kind of attacks are you talking about?
Akash Talole
22 April 2016, 14:31
SQLI and XSS attacks
Akash Talole
22 April 2016, 14:34
E.g. If i set SQLI attack count limit per ip to 10 then after 10 SQLI attempts it should block that ip.
Hugo Leisink
23 April 2016, 00:29
You can set a ban on an SQL injection attempt, but it will always be after the first attempt. After 10 or any other amount, other than 1, is not possible. Banning on an XSS attempt is not wise, because the client which has, for example, <script> in the URL is the victim, not the attacker.
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