Source development in git

Stephen R. van den Berg
26 June 2016, 23:22
I can't help but noticing that you do not appear to be using git for development of hiawatha itself (e.g. on github you're still up to v10.2). Any particular reason why not? It would make it easier to contribute.
Hugo Leisink
27 June 2016, 20:55
I only use GitHub to publish my code so others can read it in an easy way. I've been writing software for more than 30 years and a bit conservative in how I develop software. There is no need for me to use GitHub, because the way I'm doing it now works for me just fine.
Stephen R. van den Berg
27 June 2016, 22:59
A pity though. I can relate to your mindshare, I've been in software development for 37 years now. Nonetheless I "graduated" from no revision control, to RCS, to CVS, to Subversion and finally to Git. I can assure you that it speeds up development an order of magnitude and it especially eases integrating and redistributing code contributions from other open source developers. The way you develop it now is a bit painful whenever I want to check if any of the patches I sent in has been incorporated or mangled or dropped. I'd love to see you adopt git for more than mere publication. Nonetheless, because Hiawatha still is my favourite webserver software, I'll be hanging in there, even if contributing stays difficult. Thanks for a great program.
Hugo Leisink
30 June 2016, 00:44
Well, you can always send me a patch (diff) file. Not that difficult I think.
Stephen R. van den Berg
30 June 2016, 11:31
True. The problem comes when, after a (sometimes longer) while, I see the new version, and then I have to guess which patches you incorporated as is, which ones you altered but kept the functionality, which ones you used but then changed the functionality (slightly), and which ones you dropped. If you would be using git directly, this feedback would be instant and would allow me to track the changes more easily, long before the next official release.
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