Reverse proxy - what is a (simple) configuration

4 July 2016, 17:10
I want to setup a reverse proxy with Hiawatha and need some advise from the experts.
I've read the manual, but probably I'm not smart enough or lacking of experience or both to generate an approbriate configuration.

Could somebody give some guidance?
Which sections in the config-file are mandatory for usage as reverse proxy only?

Hugo Leisink
4 July 2016, 17:14
The manpage section for the ReverseProxy option is all you need to read (assuming you have basic Hiawatha configuration knowledge).

What is it you try to achieve?
5 July 2016, 17:08
Thanks for your reply.
I'll try to explain my intention: I have only a single public IP, but several different webservices running on different servers, e.g. mail, cloud, ... All webservers belong to same network segment, e.g.
1. subdomain www.domain.tld/subdir will be redirected to //subdir.domain.tld/
2. all webservers should be accessed with https only
3. SSL termination on reverse proxy, means no encryption on backend webservers

Unfortunately I have no experience if the configuration must consider that all traffic will pass this reverse proxy.
What general settings are mandatory? Binding settings must be included?
I assume I should use banning settings, right?
Is a default website needed?
Any webservice running on a dedicated host must be configured in section VirtualHost, but do I need to configure hostname?
And what is the parameter ReverseProxy be for the above example of subdomain?

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