Clientside Websocket Problem

Charles V
7 July 2016, 22:16

I appear to have a problem with Hiawatha, SSL (Let's Encrypt) and a reverse proxy that connects to a Node.JS server. For some reason when using SSL it just doesn't seem to work on Hiawatha. Tried it on nginx, and no problem there. On hiawatha on the client side using WSS it does connect, but there is a huge delay in receiving messages for clients from the server side. And sometimes they just seem to go lost in the void. Sometimes, very rarely a client does receive data from the server, but that's rare. I tried connecting directly to the server without Hiawatha and then it just works.

I also read the manual and saw something about a WebSocket setting in the config. Tried that like WebSocket = ws:// / 120, not really sure what it is supposed to do? Perhaps somebody can elaborate.
Hugo Leisink
11 July 2016, 11:36
A reverse proxy talks to a webserver in HTTP. A WebSocket doesn't speak HTTP. To connect to a websocket, you need to use the WebSocket option. What that option does is explained in the manual page.
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