LoadBalancing (not FastCGI)

24 July 2009, 13:04

Is there a way to have Hiawatah work as a load balancer? NGINX does support this feature.

I know, Hiawatah is meant to be a webserver, but its just very handy to use one configuration syntax for two applications...

Any plans?
Hugo Leisink
24 July 2009, 13:09
It depends a little on what you mean with 'load balancer'. But yes, Hiawatha has load balancing features. It can load balance between multiple FastCGI servers. How this is done is explaned at the bottom of this HOWTO page. Is this what you mean?
29 July 2009, 02:12
No, I mean loadbalancing between backends.

Currently Im using poung ( but was thinking to switch to nginx for this. But as I would prefer to hv hiawatha for everything related to http, I want to use hiawatha as the loadbalancer between backends.
Hugo Leisink
29 July 2009, 02:30
Hiawatha doesn't support that kind of load balancing. Since there are many solutions, like pound, I didn't felt the necessity to include that functionality in Hiawatha.
7 August 2009, 18:30
Hugo, you are right. But nginx offers sth like that, lighttpd offers sth like that etc. And pound is quite slow. I just mean that its very comfortable to have one piece of software which handles related tasks very well.
Hugo Leisink
7 August 2009, 19:28
If pound is not good enough, there are many other programs to be found via Freshmeat [].

I don't agree on the 'related' tasks. Load balancing and webservering are not related, I think. A load balancing server should only run load balancing software, no webserving software. A webserver server should only run webserving software, not load balancing software. And load balancing at TCP/IP level is totally different from handling HTTP requests.
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