Why to use Hiawatha?

24 September 2016, 12:00
I have been a happy user of Hiawatha for the last 7 years under Windows: Win7 x32 / x64 and now Win10 x64.

I was initially attracted by its lightweight and its security that is designed from the beginning and not an additional layer.
I switched from IIS to some open source and commercial windows servers which didn't keep their promises and were basically bugged until I found Hiawatha.
Even if Hiawatha is not designed for Windows it runs flawlessly with cygwin. It runs 24/7 as a Windows Service and I have not had a single issue for the past 7 years which is quite amazing. I have been regularly upgrading to the latest version, enjoying the new features. It is probably the most reliable application I have on my Windows machine. I am setting Hiawatha as a portable application, the binaries and the config all together take only 9MB.

A big thank you to Hugo, I am sure Hiawatha has saved me many days, the hours I used to waste in complex configuring and bug reporting. The 5 minutes this thank message took me to write are well deserved !
Hugo Leisink
25 September 2016, 13:29
Hi kfft. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Good to hear it also runs well on Windows.
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