hiawatha -v shows incorrect version

5 October 2016, 23:29
I've updated the webserver to version 10.4 and when i call hiawatha -v, then i get this:
root@srv01:/# hiawatha -v
Hiawatha v10.1, cache, IPv6, Monitor, reverse proxy, TLS v2.2.1, URL toolkit, XSLT
Copyright (c) by Hugo Leisink <>
5 October 2016, 23:32
The monitor shows the correct version:
Version: Hiawatha v10.4, Cache, ChallengeClient, FileHashes, IPv6, Monitor, ReverseProxy, TLS v2.3.0, ThreadPool, Tomahawk, UrlToolkit, XSLT
Hugo Leisink
6 October 2016, 01:15
Could it be you have multiple installations of Hiawatha? For example, one in /usr/local/sbin and one in /usr/sbin?
6 October 2016, 12:09
No real multiple installations. In first i had install hiawatha via apt-get from After the mbedTLS was outdate, I've build my own deb-package from source with upgraded mbedTLS and the patch from your blog.
Now i can find the old binary in /usr/local/sbin/ and the actual binary in /usr/sbin. When i rename the old binary i get an error when i call 'hiawatha -v'.
How can i remove the old installation and fix the pathes?
Hugo Leisink
6 October 2016, 19:47
Remove a Debian package via dpkg -r. If you build a Hiawatha Debian package manually, always use the script extra/make_debian_package.
19 October 2016, 01:11
I've purged all hiawatha-files and build a fresh install. It works fine.
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