Hiawatha module for Webmin

12 October 2016, 19:28
I have some good news for those who feel handicapped in command line, and love Webmin. I've forked Webmin Nginx module and adapted it to work with Hiawatha instead. If interested, you can get it from GitHub [] .
12 October 2016, 19:42
Note: to easily manage virtual hosts with this plugin, you will have to store them in separate snippet files in the sites-available/ subdirectory of /etc/hiawatha, and enable them by creating symlinks in sites-enabled/. Anyone who has run a web server on Debian or Ubuntu should find this setup familiar. Then for it to actually work, you have to add the following line at the end of /etc/hiawatha/hiawatha.conf:
Include sites-enabled

Issues and welcome and patches or pull requests even more so. To be honest, I don't plan to spend much more time on this plugin myself, so I will be looking for a (co-)maintainer as well in near future.

Hugo Leisink
12 October 2016, 19:58
Thanks! Will share it via Twitter.
12 October 2016, 20:09
Thank you, Rimas, very much! You've patched also a quite dangerous glitch, hooray!
12 October 2016, 21:48
Thanks Hugo!
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