Errors during compile

19 October 2016, 01:14

i've updated the mbedTLS and build the deb-package with ./extra/make_debian_package, but i get some errors:
-- Looking for rpcsvc/crypt.h - not found
-- Looking for strnstr - not found
-- Looking for strncasestr - not found
-- Looking for SO_ACCEPTFILTER - not found

Where is my mistake and how can i solve the problem?
19 October 2016, 01:35
I've tested it in a local VM and i get the same errors in a fresh install and also during make i386 and amd64 package.
Hugo Leisink
19 October 2016, 08:02
Those are not real errors, just notifications from the build system. Was the package created successfully?
19 October 2016, 12:17
Yes it was successfully
Hugo Leisink
19 October 2016, 17:57
Than you can ignore the notifications.
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